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I forgot mt password!

Forum Regulations

1. On this forum we are a community and attacks and insults between members of this community are strictly prohibited.

2. Posting
a) It is desirable to avoid deviation from the profile sections in this forum. In this way, information will stay correctly sorted and the moderators will have less work. It is also recommended to use the search option first, to see if the subject you want debating has not been discussed, instead of creating a new topic.
b) It is not allowed to attack the members of this forum and to use uncivilized language, obscene, violent, anti-Semitic or racist. Insults, vulgar statements, irony and slapstick nonsense or any message that can affect any of the members of this forum are prohibited.
c) Do not post inflammatory remarks just to annoy people. If you are not bringing anything new to the argument, then do not say anything at all.
d) Each user is responsible for what he is writing. This forum does not take responsibility for your opinions.
e) It is desirable to avoid quoting the whole post of a user if that post is not in a different subpage. Instead, you can quote passages of a post and comment in the same subpage or using direct addressing to that user.
f) This forum is not a chat. Therefore, for personal talks between two users there is the private messaging function.
g) It is not allowed to post a message in several sections of the forum in order to attract attention quickly.
h) It is not allowed posting links to other websites in order to advertise something, however it is allowed when the discussion requires this.
i) Do not post "empty" or useless responses, such as just "lol" or "cool". Only post responses when you have something to contribute.
j) Respect as much as possible the grammar rules. Do not post messages written entirely in capital letters, bold, italic or underline.
k) Do not write two messages one after another. Edit the first one and add what you want there.
l) Signature must not have more than 3 rows and must not contain pictures or advertisements.
m) It is forbidden to post files and / or links that point to files that infringe copyright (NO warez, NO cracks, etc.)
n) Respect others privacy. Do not post unauthorized personal information about anyone on the board. Any posts that contain personal communication (emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) between multiple individuals will be deleted without notice.
o) Only use images when necessary and only to move the discussion forward. If you feel that images enhance the discussion, please use them sparingly, tastefully and in a way that does not break or otherwise distract from the forum's layout.
p) These forums are not a free-for-all discussion area. Chess4ever.com operates these forums in the hopes that they will promote intelligent, honest and responsible discussion. If at any time the discussion cease to be "intelligent" and "responsible" then the discussion will be ended. Chess4ever.com will attempt to monitor the content of the postings and reserves the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. We will also attempt to use this power judiciously and fairly, but our decisions are final.
q) We at Chess4ever.com also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

3. Accounts and settings
a) We do not accept clones. If a user is banned and creates an account that he uses to avoid that sanction, or a person has two or more accounts, it is considered a CLONE.
b) It is not allowed to include in the signature, username or avatar any link to a website or forum. For such cases you have the profile option Website. We reserve the right to edit signatures, usernames and avatars who violates this subsection. However, they are accepted if you have permission from an administrator.
c) Personal image (avatar), signatures and usernames should not be of bad taste. We do not accept indecent images, aggressive, offensive or grotesque (monsters, etc.). Do not use gif animations. Failure to do this automatically leads to loss of the right to display your avatar.

4. Confidentiality
a) Any information entered in this forum is stored in the database.
c) Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent except as provided by law. The administrators and moderators can not be held responsible for theft or vandalism attacks that may lead to the data being compromised.
d) This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies are used exclusively for viewing and navigation ease.
e) Email addresses are used only for confirming your registration, for sending new passwords should you forget your current one and notification of certain events occurring on the forum (in reply to your message, you receive a private message, etc.).
f) Forum administrators reserve the right to contact you occasionally to inform on specific forum issues.

5. Administrators
a) Administrators are the people who own this forum and deals both with the technical side and the administrative side of it.
b) Administrator status can be granted only in special situations and only at the proposal of other administrators.
c) Administrators have the right to manage any message on this forum and are not accountable to other members for their actions.

6. Final dispositions
a) This Regulations may not cover all situations that may arise on this forum. In this case the measures to be taken will target all common sense and good functioning of the forum.
b) In this forum there are no exceptions. Any member, regardless of hierarchical position or the number of posts on this forum is subject to this Regulations and the sanctions will be applied accordingly.
d) Rules of this forum may be supplemented or amended at any time if necessary.
e) When registering an account it is deemed you have read the Rregulations and you agree 100% with what is written here. If you are already registered, posting further action means a tacit acceptance of its content, whether you have read it or not.


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